Parham Environmental


At Parham & Associates Environmental Consulting (PAEC), our core mission is to support sound decision-making for fisheries and water resources professionals. Good decision making requires a process that includes data collection, data organization (information management), data analysis (knowledge development), and scenario testing (conceptual understanding). Whether it is rapid field data collection techniques, GIS database development, or predictive modeling; we can help with all or any aspect of the data-to-decision process.

PAEC is a dynamic, leading-edge information technology and environmental consulting company focused on serving the fisheries and water resources community. Our mission is to provide you with powerful, integrated, and timely solutions to difficult resource management problems. PAEC accomplishes this for you by blending modern computer modeling techniques with practical, science-based field methods.

PAEC partners with government agencies, private companies, and public stakeholder groups to collect and organize a wide range of data. We consider human land and water needs, fish and wildlife habitat, and regulatory requirements to develop solutions that exceed our clients’ goals. PAEC’s innovative technical solutions enable you to operate more efficiently and profitably and to achieve your mission-critical priorities.