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Adaptive Management

Data to Decision5 - AdaptM

The process of resource management does not stop with the decision on an individual action. Many, if not most, decisions are made with some level of uncertainty. Decisions must be made, and waiting until all the studies are complete and all issues are settled is not usually an option. Making an informed decision based on the best-available data is a well-supported standard. But use of the “best-available data” does not mean there are no weaknesses in the underlying data or models.

At PAEC, we support adaptive management by designing a system where new data is quickly organized into your information management systems. Then the data is automatically included into the component analyses and those results flow directly into the overall system models. In this way, as a decision-maker you can see whether additional data supports your decision or whether you may need to revisit the decision in light of the new information.

In general, PAEC can help with:

  • Monitoring plans
  • Follow up reporting
  • Setting strategic point that may trigger decision reevaluation