Parham Environmental

Key Consultants

jim_pic_sm2James E. Parham, Ph.D.
James E. Parham CV

Dr. Parham is an expert developer of Geographic Information System (GIS) models for use in instream flow and habitat availability studies. Dr. Parham creates GIS models that integrate essential components of hydrology, geomorphology, and fish ecology to enable improved use of freshwaters, while protecting the natural environment. Dr. Parham is a past President of the Tennessee chapter of the American Fisheries Society.


Ed_picture_smEdward J. Peters, Ph.D.
Edward J. Peters CV

Dr. Peters is Professor Emeritus at the University of Nebraska. He is an expert in fisheries and natural resources management with more than 33 years of experience as an educator and researcher.  In his collaboration with federal, state, local government agencies as well as non-governmental organizations, Dr. Peter assesses how river flows influence game fish, non-game fish, and endangered fish populations.  He also delivers numerous technical and public presentations and has authored numerous publications on rivers and streams in the central and western U.S.



William S. Devick

Mr. Devick is an expert in aquatic ecosystem management with a deep understanding of the interaction between government policy and constitutional Public Trust responsibilities.  In addition to his many years as a biologist and program manager, Mr. Devick directed the Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources for 10 years.  He has a broad range of expertise in freshwater, reef, and marine fisheries issues focused on balancing harvest and conservation to achieve sustainable management goals. Mr. Devick is at the forefront of blending science, law, and public polidy in developing effective stream and watershed management programs.



Brett A. Connell, M.S.

Mr. Connell is a developer of the HD Stream Survey and actively works with clients to bring additional components to the system in support of their project needs.  He is a specialist in engineering innovative technologies that help solve difficult water resource management problems. In addition to his work with PAEC, Mr. Connell is the founder and President of Trutta Consulting.