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Videos – HDSS/HDFS Hawaiian Streams

The above video shows the use of High Definition Stream and Fish Surveys in Hawaiian Streams (narration coming soon)

Here is example footage from our High Definition Fish Surveys (HDFS) from a project in Manoa Stream in Hawaii. In addition to the video footage, the underwater fish surveys have location (GPS) and time associated with each second of the video so that we know exactly where and when the video was collected. The information gathered in the video about species present, their sizes or number, and habitat can be easily integrated with the High Definition Stream Survey (HDSS) results that capture the overall stream channel conditions.

Here is a short clip for the overall HDSS for Manoa Stream. It shows various habitats in a short section and also a you can see a large section of retaining wall collapsing into the stream. This stream section is also the area with the High Definition Fish Surveys for Manoa stream.

This is a High Definition Stream Survey (HDSS) of Waiawa Stream on Oahu. This stream segment lies adjacent to one of the high speed railway stations being constructed to help alleviate traffic congestion in the Honolulu area. The HDSS will help document instream conditions prior to the railway station construction and hopefully aid in appropriate mitigation decisions to help protect the stream.

This is just the first step in the analysis process for the HDSS information. We still need to classify the habitat and stream channel conditions and provide dashboard overlays of the resulting data to the video.

In addition to the habitat mapping shown here, we also completed water quality samples throughout the stream segment and fish surveys using the High Definition Fish Surveys (HDFS). The water quality information and fish surveys are not shown here.

I would like to thank Glenn Higashi (Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources), Michael Tauchen and Jorge Felix (Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation), and Kevin Foster (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) for their assistance during these surveys.